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About Firstlane Logistics

Curently, the situation surrounding international logistics has been changing dramatically. Instead of considering freight forwarding, warehousing and other distribution functions individually, customers tend to adopt a comprehensive logistics strategy that seeks to optimize the distribution process as a whole. Logistics companies are now being called on to provide "one-stop service" that offers all the distribution functions in one package.
In response to these conditions, Firstlane Logistics is moving towards getting representatives in every country worldwide.
As for integration of worldwide overseas logistics business, the Company plans to steadily enhance its combined logistics network on a global basis.
Moving ahead, the Company will pursue an even higher level of service quality better tailored to customer needs in the two key business areas of air/ocean freight forwarding and contract logistics. We also intend to generate greater customer satisfaction through a host of services according to customers' logistics needs.


Contribute to global economic development and maximize corporate value by earning the trust of our customers through sophisticated, quality logistics services


Become a global logistics provider with world-class scope and service quality

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